As we move into Spring, RVN’s Neighborhood on Watch Committee is pleased to report that our Village has never been safer. Chicago Police Department statistics confirm that in 2020 Roscoe Village reached its lowest level of total reported crime since 2013. Violent crime, robberies, burglaries, and criminal damage to property are at all-time lows. Certainly, the effects of the pandemic, including mandatory stay-at-home orders, reduced public transportation use, curtailed public events, and restricted nightlife activity, have all played a role in these low numbers. But in actuality, it’s a continuation of the downward trend in crime the Village has seen each and every year since 2016.

We believe this is a result of many factors. First and foremost, we have improved our vigilance and situational awareness. We have learned that, wherever we may be, when out in public we must “keep our head on a swivel,” aware of who is near us and what is happening around us. That includes keeping an earbud out in order to hear approaching people and vehicles and keeping our phones out of sight in public spaces. It means thinking through the paths we travel and knowing alternate routes should we need to avoid danger. It is being our own best protector by thinking like a “First Responder.” By having a plan we are best able to assure our safety and that of our family.

We also know the best way to deter thieves is to “lock it and light it” – that includes our car, home, and garage. And, most importantly, we trust our instincts when we see people, vehicles, or activities that seem out of place. Never be embarrassed or shy about calling 911. By being engaged, by calling 911, we are able to help prevent crimes from ever occurring.

These collective efforts, combined with our Neighborhood On Watch security camera network, RVN’s deep engagement with the men and women of the 19th Chicago Police District, and community safety groups across the north side, will help make 2021 even safer still.

For further information, or to join our Neighborhood on Watch Committee, please contact