Roscoe Village Neighbors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves the Chicago community bounded by Addison Street and Belmont Avenue from Ravenswood Avenue on the east to the Chicago River on the west.

Serving as a committed advocate for the community of Roscoe Village, Roscoe Village Neighbors (RVN) seeks to enhance the quality of life of both its residents and merchants by:

  • serving as a liaison to information and resources
  • giving back to the community with philanthropic initiatives
  • offering social activities that bring the community closer
  • providing a forum for its members to discuss issues impacting the community
  • organizing timely responses to issues to help ensure that community opinions are heard

Our primary purposes, as set forth in our bylaws, are to:

1. Work with public officials, private citizens, and block clubs to ensure the quality and availability of public and private community services and maintain the safety and mobility of the people who live and work in Roscoe Village;

2. Promote Roscoe Village as a place to conduct business and facilitate the development of a vital and prosperous business community;

3. Collect and distribute information about topics of interest to the community and provide a forum for residents, block clubs, and business owners to express their opinions;

4. Gain consensus on such topics and speak as a uniform voice for the community; and,

5. Promote a spirit of cooperation, goodwill and neighborliness, and encourage people to openly communicate and participate in the exchange of ideas about how to improve the community and preserve those features that make this community unique.