The Roscoe Village Neighbors Zoning and Land Use Committee works with elected officials, property owners, developers and City Departments to assure that land use and development within Roscoe Village meets the needs and standards of our community. The affordable medium-density and pedestrian-scale of the Village contribute to the charm, character and unique quality of life found within our borders. It is a part of the legacy we have inherited from our predecessors that will, in turn, be handed down to our successors.

Comprised of AIA architects, zoning specialists, attorneys and other community members, the RVN Zoning and Land Use Committee has earned a distinguished reputation for its expertise, professionalism, creativity, vision, fairness and persistence. We invite all residents, business owners and interested parties in the Village to contact RVN with their inquiries. The Committee may be reached via e-mail at

Got a Zoning Change Notice in the Mail?

Are you a Village resident who received a written notice about a proposed zoning change for a property near you? If so, please contact RVN at once. By your helping to keep the Zoning and Land Use Committee abreast of such notices, the Committee can promptly review the matter and determine whether the proposed change is consistent with RVN’s Zoning and Land Use Principles. Thanks for your help!

Seeking our Support for a Zoning Change?

Are you considering applying for variance, special use permit or a zoning amendment and want to seek our support? First, we strongly suggest that you discuss your project with the responsible Alderman’s office, and review that office’s information requirements. Then contact