The following schools are located or have their attendance areas within the RVN designated boundaries. This is defined by RVN as North (Addison Street), South (Belmont Avenue), East (Ravenswood Avenue), and West (Chicago River).

Amundsen High School
5110 North Damen

Amundsen High SchoolOur mission is to provide every Amundsen student with: a 21st Century rigorous and relevant education, which prepares them for success in their post-secondary academic endeavors and careers; authentic learning experiences that develop their ability to be life-long, independent thinkers and learners, equipped with comprehensive literacy skills in mathematics, languages, arts, sciences, and technology; and, a foundation for understanding a variety of cultural perspectives (international-mindedness) and a service-oriented mindset.

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3500 North Hoyne

Audubon ElementaryAudubon Elementary is an inclusive school where our community shares the responsibility for providing a high-quality equitable education that nurtures each student’s unique and individual abilities and social-emotional well-being. Audubon develops life-long, self-directed learners, critical thinkers, technologically-proficient, respectful and responsible members of society.

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3730 North Oakley

Bell School will teach all of its students the foundational academic and social skills they need to achieve their highest ambitions; will help all of its students learn to be respectful, thoughtful, and well-balanced; and will challenge all of its students to excel as engaged citizens of the world.

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1650 West Cornelia

Courageously inspire our community to joyfully discover the potential within.

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3149 North Wolcott

To create a community of learners striving to fulfill their individual and collective intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical potential;
To forge partnerships for learning among parents, students, teachers, and local community institutions;
To challenge all to assume their active roles in improving both the local and global community;
To create an environment in which learners construct meaning by actively participating in the learning process.

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Lake View High School
4015 North Ashland

Lake View High school fosters honor, ownership, mastery, and education through learning opportunities for all students in preparation for college, career, and community commitment. Lake View is HOME. Honor…for self, school, and society. Ownership…of learning and leading. Mastery…of skills and growth. Education…for the future

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Lane Tech High School
2501 West Addison

The vision of Lane Tech College Prep High School is to fully prepare students for post-secondary endeavors in the collegiate and career setting by providing outstanding 21st century curricular offerings in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and world languages.

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Educational Organizations


Grow CommunityGROWCommunity is a community-driven non-profit organization working to develop a seamless neighborhood K-12 system on Chicago’s North Side with schools that are the top educational choices for neighborhood families. The GROWCommunity initiative, anchored by Amundsen and Lake View High Schools and the 17 elementary schools that feed into them, brings together educators, parents, neighbors, elected officials, philanthropic partners, community leaders and school improvement experts to strengthen and support our neighborhood schools.