Welcome to Roscoe Village!

We are happy you are here and hope you are enjoying your new home in Roscoe Village. We look forward to getting to know you and anticipate that you will soon feel the unique sense of community that envelopes our “Village Within the City.”

With a walk down Roscoe Street one can quickly get a feel for this special neighborhood. Roscoe Village has more than 20 eating and drinking establishments. Villagers can walk to charming boutiques and bookstores, enjoy delicious American and International cooking, and complement it all with a stop for gourmet ice cream or coffee.[frame_right]/wp-content/uploads/rvtreelinedstreet.jpg[/frame_right]

Every bit as unique as our local establishments are the people who live and work in Roscoe Village. Our residents and business owners care about their community, their neighbors and the future of the children in the Village. They are committed to building a strong community through a strong community organization, Roscoe Village Neighbors (RVN).

RVN publishes the community e-newsletter, What’s News in Roscoe Village. It also hosts special “Welcome to Roscoe Village” receptions for new residents; a Spring Brunch; a Halloween Parade & Pizza Party; charity pub crawls; an annual Winter Celebration; and our famous Retro on Roscoe neighborhood festival which draws more than 35,000 guests to the Village each August.

In addition, our residents and business owners work together to improve the environment through an annual neighborhood clean-up, local park improvements, and our annual Roscoe Village Neighbors Garden Walk. Villagers actively support our two local public elementary schools through RVN’s Education Coalition by providing volunteers, hosting fundraisers, conducting an annual book drive that, to date, has donated over $75,000 and collected more than 5,000 books for the schools.

For detailed information on the businesses of Roscoe Village, visit www.rvcc.biz, the official web site of the Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce.

Again, welcome to the Village. We are very glad you’re here.