Executive Committee

Larry Peterson, President

Charese David, Vice President

Ryan Jacox, Secretary

Chris Dell Isola, Treasurer

At Large Directors

Brian Crouch, Director

Chad Gehlbach, Director

Christine Gnutek, Director

Matt Grover, Director

Michelle Montalvo, Director

Dan Richman, Director

Kelly Superczynski, Director

Michael Svete, Director

Calli Verkamp, Director

Roscoe Village Neighbors is a non-profit organization managed by an all-volunteer, 13-member Board of Directors. The three year terms for the Board of Director positions are staggered, so 4 board seats are up for election each year by members. Directors may be re-elected, but must run for re-election.

Director-at-large positions may be filled by any RVN member in good standing, while executive positions may only be filled by members with at least one year of serving on the RVN board as a director-at-large.