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Retro on Roscoe

The Retro committee is responsible for one of Chicago’s biggest 3-day summer festivals that funds many of the charities RVN supports – Common Pantry, educational grants and the safety and sustainability of Roscoe Village. This committee has a lot of fun planning the music line-up, food and beverage activities and local artists and businesses.

Halloween Block Party

Our event committee plans and executes one of Roscoe Village’s proudest traditions, the Halloween Block Party. We engage with residents and local businesses to support a celebration of Halloween with fun for all ages, including costumes, trick-or-treating, crafts, decorations, and a great fall atmosphere to accompany the event.


Each year we bring in the holiday’s with the Roscoe Village Winterfest. In partnership with RVCC, RVN decorates Roscoe Street with festive lights and greenery, plans business and resident contests and invites neighbors to a one-day event of seasonal beverages, food and great retail discounts.

New Neighbor

RVN gives a special “welcome” to all those that have moved into the neighborhood through a meet and greet event. Lots of fun planning, lots of fun attending!

Other Community Events

RVN plans a lot of fun events where our neighbors can meet and build community. These events are designed around fund activities that include our local businesses and charities. Get involved planning one, or all the events to meet your neighbors, have some fun and give back.