RVN is excited to announce that we are partnering with RoundUp! Through this partnership, those who sign up will have bank and credit card transactions rounded up automatically to the next highest dollar and that spare change will be contributed to RVN monthly. These extra pennies, dimes and nickels really add up and can make a big difference in supporting the community.

As you know, we were unable to hold Retro on Roscoe, our main source of donations that we invest entirely back into our community. Nevertheless, RVN is committed to continuing to support Roscoe Village initiatives throughout the year, including new educational grants, beautification projects, neighborhood watch and seasonal street planter programs. Through the RoundUp partnership, and your support, we will be able to continue these projects that you have told us are critical to maintaining our community.

We recognize that this is a difficult time for many to give, but we also know that many are looking for further opportunities to make a difference in Roscoe Village. Please consider further supporting RVN’s investment into the community through the RoundUp App.

How does RoundUp App Work?

The RoundUp App is an easy way to provide on-going financial support for Roscoe Village Neighbors. How does it work? You register your credit card(s) via the RoundUp App, and each purchase you make on that card is automatically rounded up to the next full dollar, and the difference is donated to RVN. For example, you go to the grocery store and use your credit card that you’ve registered with RoundUp to benefit RVN. In this example, the bill comes to $43.45. $43.45 will be charged to your credit card for your grocery bill, as normal, and then a second charge will automatically be made for $0.55 as a donation to RVN.

Registration is easy! You can register via the Apple iTunes store, Google Play for Android devices, or use the web version. Add the RoundUp app to your phone (or register online), create an account, choose RVN as your beneficiary organization, link your credit or debit card(s), confirm your card with the bank that issued the card(s). That’s it. Just use the credit/debit card as you usually would, and the rest is done automatically. If you’d like, you can set a monthly limit of donations via the app tools, or you can simply let it tally up the round-ups from all of your purchases on that card(s) each month.

Click here to sign up now.

The brief video, below, provides a helpful overview of the RoundUp program and what you can expect if you choose to support RVN by enrolling in RoundUp App.