RVN is excited to introduce a new initiative designed specifically for our younger residents: the Roscoe Village Neighbors Junior Board (RVNJB). The RVNJB is an opportunity for young people in our community, ages 13-18, to take an active role in shaping the neighborhood they call home. The board’s goal will be to involve the neighborhood youth in community-building efforts through organizing and managing events catering to youth-specific interests and needs.

Why should our young community members consider joining the RVNJB? Besides looking great on a college application, RVNJB is an opportunity to make a difference in our neighborhood and learn valuable skills in leadership, organizational operations, event planning, financial/budget management, community building, and team collaboration, just to name a few.

Please review our RVN Junior Board Objective & Structure Outline below to learn more!

Interested in joining or know someone who might be? We’re looking for passionate, creative, and committed young individuals to apply for the RVNJB. Applications are open until 11:59pm on March 10th. To apply, please use the button below.


Roscoe Village Neighbors (RVN), serving as a committed advocate for the Roscoe Village community, moves to establish a subsidiary board – the Roscoe Village Neighbors Junior Board (RVNJB). This initiative aims to involve the youth of the neighborhood in community-building efforts, mirroring the commitment and values of RVN.

Purpose & Goals

  • Enhance Youth Engagement: Actively involve the youth of Roscoe Village in community-building initiatives, ensuring their voices and perspectives are represented now and in the future.
  • Foster Community Spirit: Organize and promote youth-centric events encouraging community spirit and collaboration amongst the neighborhood’s younger residents.
  • Bridge Communication: Serve as a liaison between the youth of Roscoe Village and the main RVN board, providing feedback and insights on the community youth’s needs and aspirations.
  • Support Community Events: Assist the main RVN board in organizing and executing neighborhood events with a focus on youth participation.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: Provide a platform for young members to develop leadership, organizational, and financial management skills.

Junior Board Structure

Advisory and Oversight

Advisory and oversight of RVNJB will be managed by members of the RVN Junior Board Advisory Committee. 

Members & Leadership

  • A minimum of 9 and a maximum of 15 board members comprised of youth members aged 13-18 from the Roscoe Village Neighborhood boundaries. 
  • Two board positions will be reserved for pre-high school members (7th or 8th grade). 
  • A one-year term will start on the member’s first official RVNJB meeting and end on Jan 31st.
  • The board will have an executive team comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Interested candidates must submit their application to the RVN board by Jan 31st to be considered for selection by the RVN Junior Board Advisory Committee. RVN may adjust the application due date as needed.  
  • Selected RVNJB candidates will be presented to the RVN board for final approval at the RVN board meeting immediately following the application due date.  
  • New RVNJB candidates applying for an executive role other than Junior Board President must indicate so on their application, with preference given to previous or current RVNJB applicants. 
  • Applicants for Junior Board President must serve at least one term on the RVNJB prior, with preference given to member applicants with previous or current executive terms served. 
  • RVNJB members may apply for an additional one-year term, but unless the applicant is applying for an executive position, preference will be given to new applicants when available.
  • Members applying for a third term may only do so if they apply for an executive position. 
  • Members of an executive position may reapply for the same position or any other executive position but can only serve a max of 2 terms at any previously held executive position and a max of 3 terms on the executive board.

Meetings & Communication

The RVNJB is required to hold at least 9 meetings annually. RVNJB Members are expected to attend as many meetings as possible, and meeting dates will be set or adjusted to ensure maximum attendance. Should a member fail to attend at least 4 meetings within a year, they may be ineligible for reappointment in future terms.

At least one RVN Junior Board Advisory Committee member will be in attendance to help facilitate meetings and provide advice/insight when necessary.

All internal RVNJB communication will occur through members’ personal email, with an RVN Junior Board Advisory Committee member being cc’d.  

RVNJB public communication will be done through RVN’s communication channels after RVN approval. 

Events Planning & Management

The RVNJB will focus on planning and managing youth-centric events to build a strong, involved, and educated youth community in and for the neighborhood. The board’s goal is to have at least 1 event per the following categories:

  • Community Engagement: Bring the youth of Roscoe Village together through engaging activities like games, adventures, contests, fairs, and showcases. 
  • Examples: Neighborhood Olympics, RV Scavenger Hunt, Photography Contest, Neighborhood Youth Maker’s Fair, a temporary gallery for neighborhood artists.
  • Community Improvement: Take responsibility and pride in improving the community through initiatives like neighborhood beautification projects, volunteering at local service organizations, and/or developing creative solutions to neighborhood needs. 
  • Examples: RV clean-up days, a day at Cradles to Crayons, organize a winter coat drive.
  • Community Education:  Ensure that the youth of RV are informed and capable by providing educational and personal development opportunities via informational sessions, workshops, and forums.
  • Examples: Public Safety Speaker Series, RV Youth Leadership Workshop, What to Expect in High School Panel Discussion. 

RVN Event Volunteering

At a minimum, RVNJB members are expected to volunteer at 3 separate RVN events* with a daily minimum of 4 hours volunteering at the event per their annual term.

Junior board members who have school-required service hours can earn service hours by volunteering at RVN events. 

*The Saturday and Sunday of Retro on Roscoe will be considered separate RVN events. 

Budget Management

The RVNJB will develop and submit an annual budget proposal to the RVN Junior Board Advisory Committee, initially capped at $2,000. This cap may be revised each year by the Advisory Committee and the RVN Treasurer based on the RVNJB’s performance against established success criteria.

Measurements of Success

RVN will measure the success of the RVNJB annually based on community feedback, budget adherence, and RVNJB member participation in RVNJB activities and RVN events.


The Roscoe Village Neighbors Junior Board is envisioned to be an essential and energetic part of the RVN community, aimed at nurturing a strong sense of community engagement and leadership among RV youth. This initiative represents RVN’s continued commitment to the holistic development of Roscoe Village, ensuring a thriving and inclusive environment for all of its residents.