Year Round RVN Committees

Member Engagement Committee Contact: membership@roscoevillage.org

Bring people together and and get involved in developing communications, social events and more to grow the RVN membership base and create a tighter, more neighborly village!

Education Committee Contact: educationcommittee@roscoevillage.org

Make a difference for our kids and local schools.  Roscoe Village schools stand out due to community involvement and this committee continues that effort through special k-12 programs.

Zoning and Land Use Committee Contact: zoning@roscoevillage.org

Be apart of the team that works with local officials, city departments, developers and more that shape our village infrastructure, while maintaining the original charm and character of Roscoe Village.

Safety and Security Committee Contact: neighborhoodwatch@roscoevillage.org

Join the team that is securing our community through local law enforcement and state-of-the-art technology.  If making Roscoe Village safe and secure is important to you, join the committee!

If you’d like to submit ideas or request pay-for advertisements in the Roscoe Village Newsletter, The Village View, please contact: editor@roscoevillage.org

RVN Event Specific Committees

Retro on Roscoe Committee Contact:  events@roscoevillage.org

This event raises money to support many different organizations.  Join the committee to help design and implement the plans to make this year’s event even better – and have a lot of fun doing it!!

RVN Halloween Committee Contact: events@roscoevillage.org

Young and old alike get dressed up for this event.  And, we now have a great way to tour the neighborhood through the 2nd annual 5k RVN Run.  Join this committee to make this the 2nd biggest RVN fundraiser.

Village Volunteers

If you like to help out, but weekly or monthly meetings don’t work with your schedule, then this is the place for you. The Village Volunteers are people who are willing to receive emails from time to time (about 10 emails a year) asking for help with projects or events.

You’re not expected to volunteer every time you receive an email asking for help. In fact, you’d be helping a lot if you signed up for just one event a year. The events are the ones you’ve probably seen or attended in the neighborhood, like the Halloween Parade or the Winter Festival. Volunteers will usually be helping for just a few hours with things like setting up the event or checking in people attending the event.

This is a great way to meet your neighbors while helping the neighborhood and having some fun!